About MAP Academy

MAP Academy is a professional media and art training institution.

MAP Academy is working as a media platform where who wants to join the media field can learn from the pioneers in this field by knowing the basics that will qualify them to join the media market beside developing their skills in different branches of media , by boosting media skills and standards, through a wide range of comprehensive practical training courses in more than 25 different media fields, conducted by highly qualified media trainers and professional media figures.


Our mission is to empower an objective, professional and ethical media that respect and promote the human rights to knowledge and free speech, via our powerful and efficient tool, which is: The professional Media Training.

We believe that well trained and highly skilled new generations of journalists and media persons are a cornerstone for the foundation, the development and the sustainability of the kind of media that we are believing in and aspiring to.

We believe that the professional media training is a long life process indispensable for all people working in the media field to promote their professional skills, to acquire new skills, to gain more control over the production tools and to keep up with the new and extremely fast developments and evolution of the media field and to be up to date with the NOW media that change every day.


  • To develop and promote the Professional Media Training as an indispensable tool for a professional and ethical media.
  • To play a crucial practical complementary role of the academic role played by Universities and media faculties.
  • To get our grads more into “the media kitchen” and more close to the labor market ambiance.
  • To give our highly qualified grads as much exposure as we can to the labor market.
  • To give our students and grads as much exposure as we can to the international media scenes.
  • To open up the media training for whoever is interested from inside or outside the media field, and to give a chance for all to learn and practice.
  • To create, sustain and develop a quality and a spirit worthy of the trust of our students and of the loyalty and engagement of our alumni.
  • To be the most qualified and trusted professional media training institution in the region.